King Konreid in Dungeon

King Konreid, imprisoned within the dungeons of Castle Ehb

King Konreid was the ruler of Ehb at the time of the Seck Resurgence. He also acted as the game's narrator in Dungeon Siege.

Biography Edit

Dungeon Siege Edit

After the disappearance of the 10th Legion's Grand Mage, Merik, in 1144, Castle Ehb fell to the Seck, who were able to escape their prison beneath the palace as the magical wards binding them within weakened. The king's retinue was slaughtered, but Konreid himself was spared, and imprisoned within his own dungeons. The Seck leader, Gom, ordered Konreid to be tortured, hoping to squeeze a way to enter the Chamber of Stars out of the king. Konreid remained resolute, however, and refused to divulge the secrets of the Chamber until a band of heroes, led by a farmer-turned-warrior, rescued him. These heroes secured the artifacts within the Chamber of Stars, and used them to defeat Gom and the Seck once and for all.

For her service, Konreid granted the farmer a noble title and lands of her choice. She became the first Lady Montbarron, ruling from the valley of Rukkenvahl.

After Dungeon Siege Edit

In 1154, King Konreid signed the controversial Goblin Treaties, granting citizenship to the Goblins. He died two years later, his young death believed to have been caused by the horrible torture he endured at the hands of the Seck. His son, Karlyle, succeeded him on the throne.

Trivia Edit

DS Konreid Portrait

King Konreid only appears wearing his crown in the portrait for the quest, Search for the King, given by Lord Bolingar in the original Dungeon Siege. When encountered in the dungeons of Castle Ehb, he is crownless.