The warrior Kraal, wearing leather armor

Kraal Yellowtalon is a shipwrecked warrior, and possible companion in Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

As a Companion Edit

Kraal is the fifth companion encountered. He can be found fighting a number of Hassat on the road through the Dark Jungle, near a broken bridge. He is specialized in melee combat when first recruited.

Biography Edit

Ten years ago, Kraal was shipwrecked on the southern coast of the isle of Utrae, and, unable to escape, took to eking out a life in the island's central jungle. Over the years, his simple appearance has helped him to survive, with his foes often underestimating him because of it.

When the Hero of Arhok and their band arrived, and helped Kraal fight off a group of bloodthirsty Hassat, he told them that he had seen the Shadowjumper pass by with the Zaurask king, Nosirrom, no more than a half day before. He agreed to join them in their quest, but warned them to "stay away from them Utraean folk", wondering if the citizens of Ilicor had told the Hero's party about how they had created the Zaurask and Hassat in their torture chambers, turning the isle of Utrae into "a living hell".