The warrior Kroduk, wearing worn rigid leather armor

Kroduk is a possible companion in Dungeon Siege.

As a Companion Edit

Kroduk can be found on the first floor of the Lucky Hurggis Inn in Glacern, speaking to Lorun, another hireable companion. He can be recruited for 3,400 gold. He is skilled in the use of melee weapons when first hired.

His scale_base of 1.10 makes him nearly one-third bigger than other humans. Kroduk's speech pattern suggests either slow wits or a thick language barrier, but his imposing size encourages others to accept it without comment.

Biography Edit

The chieftain of Kroduk's tribe ordered him to take his caravan to Ehb in order to trade with its people. Unfortunately, he arrived in Stonebridge during the Seck Resurgence, and fell victim to the Krug raiders rampaging across the kingdom's western holdings. When the Krug attacked the town, the caravan's wagon driver stole Kroduk's gold and fled north. Kroduk tracked him to Glacern, but could pursue no further.

When a farmer and her band arrived in order to report to the Overseer, Kroduk told them that he was good at "smashing, beating, crushing... anything you like", and was hired to help them find Grand Mage Merik.