The Krug Chucker is a class of Krug in Dungeon Siege.


In Dungeon Siege I, Krug Chuckers form the ranged aspect of the Krug Society. They attack the player with rocks in their hand and can deal a hefty amount of damage to unprepared or lightly armoured players. Krug Chuckers are always encountered in large groups and are backed up by either Krug Grunts or Krug Raiders.

Krug Chuckers move slower than Grunts and Raiders but faster than Krug Scavengers.

The easiest way to deal with a group of Krug Chuckers is to firstly eliminate their Grunt or Raider guards. Ranged players will have no problem whatsoever taking them out from range. Players equiped with melee weapons will likely take a fair amount of damage from them before they manage to get close enough.


Krug Chuckers are equiped with Rocks which they use to throw at the player. This equipment will never be dropped by the dead Krug and as such, cannot be collected by the player without using mods.

The Krug Chuckers rocks are not completely accurate but they have a roughly 80% chance of hitting the player.


Krug Chucker
  • The Krug Chuckers name seems to derive from the fact they they throw or "chuck" rocks at the player, making their name quite literal.
  • Krug Chuckers are incapable of using bows correctly. If they are equiped with a bow, they will use it as if they are still throwing rocks, with the bow in the hand they hold rocks. This is because the Krug's ranged animation is set for throwing rocks. The same applies for all other Krug.
  • Krug Chuckers are one of few types of Krug that do not retreat when they are on low health. The other two are Krug Scavengers, Krug Dogs and Krug Scouts.