The Krug Raider is a higher-ranked Krug found in Dungeon Siege.


Raiders serve as the moderately-organized strike infantry during Krug attacks. They were found infesting the Glitterdelve and Crystwind mines after sweeping through the farmlands of Ehb and the Peninsula.

Raiders and the stronger but identical-looking Krug Guards wear a mishmash of armor plates around the shoulders, legs, and waist. A chestplate with an embossed krug skull and a red waistband could be a mark of rank or a crude attempt at uniform within the Krug military machine. Their weapon of choice is a Hack, a small hand-axe.

Combat & TacticsEdit

The Raider is a melee combatant, so he will bee-line towards you to attack. He wields a hand axe but carries no shield. His attack damage is something to keep in mind as he tends to have a fairly high hit chance; so, if the Raider is present in number they can drain your health away very fast. They are like most other krug in the fact that their stooping, slouching posture makes them fairly slow, so if you are well versed in ranged combat it may be possible to fell him before he reaches you.

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