Mira Lirrit and Scud

Lirrit Orion (far right) speaking to Mira Coran and Scud Geviche

Lirrit Orion is a citizen of Meren, in the Utraean Peninsula. She can be found sitting at a table at the top of the Yeeful Ale House and Inn tower, speaking to Mira Coran and Scud Geviche.

Lirrit asks adventurers not to tell Griselde Helran, but she was recently gifted a seashell cup by Oktavian Meliam, with the word 'wabe' inscribed on the bottom; she wonders what it might mean.

With the return of the Maljin, Lirrit notes that her eyes "haven't stopped watering since that awful stench" caused by the red fog first came down from the sky.

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