Lorethal was an Elf warrior who created the Crimson Hunters, an order dedicated to defeating the Familiars, following their appearance in the time after the First Cataclysm. For twenty years, he commanded the greatest Elves of the age against the genocidal creatures wherever they appeared. Without fear, he led a daring assault into the heart of the enemy's lair, and crippled their strength before being slain in battle. His body was interred alongside those of the other Crimson Hunters, within a tomb in the Vai'lutra Forest.

In Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, Ressa the Blood Assassin tasks the hero with binding Lorethal's soul to a bloodstone as part of her quest, Questionable Methods. Lorethal's ghost is outraged by this desecration of his tomb, and the spirits of the other Crimson Hunters rise from the dead to stop the intruders. When Lorethal's soulstone is returned, Ressa uses it to create two powerful ranged weapons, The Corruptor's Mark and Abyssal Avatar.

The item set known as Lorethal's Legacy once belonged to this legendary warrior.

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