Recruitable PlayerEdit

The player can either start as Lucas Montbarron, or rescue him in the crystal caverns after the events of Ravens Rill on the way to the swamp. He is one of the easiest characters to get the "Maximum Charisma" achievement with.

In-Game StrategyEdit

One of Lucas Montbarron's biggest strengths is his ability to take a lot of damage when used correctly. When playing with other people, have Lucas go in first to draw the enemies attention. However, in saying this, it is very easy to poorly manage Lucas by not giving him the right abilities early on. It is also vital to update Lucas' armour regularly as he levels up, because not having the right armour can severely affect his ability to block attacks.

Lucas is definately hardest to play as until you get a second character in your party.

When battling multiple enemies, use Lucas's two handed sword as it's able to hit multiple enemies at once and gives a considerable knockback effect. The trade off is the slow attacking speed.

When versing individuals, use the sword and shield as it can easily decimate enemies that don't have reinforcements.

When versing mini-bosses that have debuff effect rings around them (such as a red ring which drains your health), try to stay just outside the ring while attacking. Roll into range of the enemy, hit a few shots and then roll out. Because Lucas is a close quarters combat character, he can easily be defeated by debuffs. He is also particularly vulnerable when fighting mages and archons in fire form.

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