Lungers are a genus of semi-intelligent monster found in Ehb, the Utraean Peninsula, and the Island of Utrae. They are small, weak, and like to attack travelers in large numbers. They are intelligent enough to throw forks and use magic.

Species Edit

'Dark' Edit

These are a weak species that inhabit western Aranna's caves by the thousands. They have division of labor between Casters, Slingers, and warriors (Lunger). Dark Casters conjure a dark blue spell that resembles an ultraviolet Zap. Dark Slingers hurl forks the size of dining tools at foes, while basic Lungers simply claw enemies with their hands. They are not much of a problem to deal with, other than that they like to ambush you from dark places. Their glowing purple eyes usually give them away, however.

'Water' Edit

Less intelligent than but much, much stronger and tougher than the Dark species, Water Lungers inhabit waterlogged areas of Aranna, such as dungeons in rainy coniferous forests. They are very dangerous, and have killed many people that trespassed their territory, from treasure hunters to 10th Legionnaires. They have even enslaved captured Slingers for use in defending their territory.

'Jungle' Edit

A special case, found only on the beaches of the Utraean Isles. They are mischievous and annoying, often stealing shiny objects from unwary travelers. They are not, however, too much of a threat.

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Trivia Edit

They resemble miniature Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, albeit much less visceral, and having much smaller mouths.