The Mangler is an enemy encountered in Dungeon Siege. Manglers comprise a set of amphibious water-dwellers found in various climates. The namesake variant - that is, a true Mangler - inhabits the Eastern Swamp and Lang Mire. Other sorts of manglers are the following:

Description Edit

A Mangler is a highly-aggressive amphibian monster. They take the general shape of a deep-sea fish, and have a white chitinous exterior, huge maw and gullet, fins to allow motion underwater, and a single eye. They are also equipped with clawed forearms that allow them to quickly crawl overland in pursuit of food.

These creatures are encountered in groups. While they seem to enjoy basking on open ground, they will also lie concealed in the muck, watching for prey.

Combat Edit

The only strategy known to a group of manglers is to charge in quickly when characters are sighted and try to make a meal out of them with vicious biting attacks. However, much fouler creatures than these are afoot in the swamps, and in the stages where manglers are encountered they are of relatively little concern.

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