Meren is a small beach town located on the eastern coast of the Utraean Peninsula.

The town serves as the fourth starting location available to characters in the multiplayer 'Stones of Utrae' map for Dungeon Siege, requiring that they be level 18 or higher for them to begin there.

History Edit

Once a small outpost of the 2nd Legion, used to control bandit activity in the Cloud Forest and foothills of Mount Utrae, the Meren tower was sold to Griselde Helran and Oktavian Meliam when the Legion pulled out to reinforce Elddim and Crystwind from the invading Krug. They converted the tower into an inn, and the small village soon became a resort town.

However, bandit activity increased without the Legion to stop them, and this, coupled with the growing danger of the Crystal Caverns to Fallraen, cut Meren off from the rest of the Peninsula. A gloom set in over the usually sunny town, reflecting the mood of the people.

When the call for the eight townstones to be reunited in Hiroth came, Utraean Priest Tas refused to collect the Meren Fish Stone from the Temple of the Stars in the Cloud Forest, waiting for the coming of adventurers to retrieve it from it's resting place.

Gameplay Edit

Meren proper is easy enough to navigate; all the important buildings are in one cluster. Due to the fog, however, finding locations such as the H.U.B. and the lift to the Cloud Forest can be confusing.

Quests Edit

People Edit

Quest Givers Edit

Shopkeepers Edit


Meren, the Seaside Resort. Shown here are the magic shop, a house, and the inn.

Other Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There are two mules in this town named Beauty and Beast in reference to the Disney Movie "Beauty and the Beast". Ironically however, Beauty is 43% bigger than Beast, standing at the height of a horse.
  • There is an unfinished quest in this town. Eliar Helmsvor dares the player to touch a red bush which would involve standing in the corner of the paddock. However it was never completed and the only remnants of this quest is the trigger which would complete it and Eliar's opening conversation. The quest was aptly named "quest_red_tree" in the completion trigger but is not listed in the maps quest database.

Gallery Edit

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