The grand mage Merik, wearing the Starlight Vesture and his satin boots

Merik is the Grand Mage and Shadow Warden of the 10th Legion, as well as a possible companion in Dungeon Siege.

As a CompanionEdit

Merik is the fourth free companion encountered after Ulora, Gyorn, and Gloern. You find him trapped in a block of ice within the Alpine Caverns near Glacern, and free him shortly afterwards. He is the only free character to be specialized in nature magic when first recruited.



Merik, trapped in the ice.

Merik first came to prominence during the Affair of the Goblin Pretender in 1080, when he foiled the plans of his traitorous former master, Grand Mage Olvis, who had driven King Edvard to madness in an attempt to seize the throne. Following the incident, Merik was named 'Grand Mage'.

In 1144, he was ambushed by Goblins, who sought the Staff of Stars that he now held, and imprisoned in a block of ice in the frozen caverns near Glacern. This event would lead to the Seck Resurgence. Some months later, Merik was freed from his captivity by a simple farmer, the future Lady Montbarron, who he joined in her quest to retrieve the staff and save Ehb.

Due to the negative effects of Goblins upon his life, Merik became quite bigoted against the creatures in his later years, and did not agree with King Konreid's decision in 1154 to grant their kind citizenship. This would eventually lead to a bitter disagreement with his own son, Gerhart. Gerhart moved to Stonebridge soon after the signing of the Goblin Treaties, and spent most of his time in the company of Goblins. Merik eventually disowned him because of this, and unfortunately, the two never reconciled. The Grand Mage would eventually pass away an honored, but very sorrowful, man.

His line continued on through his son Gerhart, who adopted the name 'Manx'. Reinhart Manx is one such descendant.

Conjecture Edit

Merik Shadowjumper

The man slain by the Shadowjumper

It is possible that Merik is the man slain by the Shadowjumper in the opening cutscene of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna. The man in question is identical to Merik, and is also seen wielding the Staff of Stars in battle before being killed.