Located between the towns of Quillrabe, Hiroth, and Grescal, the Mesa Desert is an important yet dangerous crossroad in the Utraean Peninsula. It is a high, rocky desert that rises above the Endless Dunes. It is very similar to the Quillrabe Canyons to the north, but with sparser vegetation. A series of ramps, bridges, and elevators can be used to travel the mesas, up and up until one reaches the 10th Legion displacer to Hiroth and the entrance to the Drake Nest.

There are lots of high-level desert-class enemies, such as Desert Braaks and Impalers. There are no Droog present, however. The enemies are larger the higher one goes; culminating in a flight of Green Drakes at the top of the highest plateau, near the displacer and some treasure chests.

To reach the mesas:

  • From Quillrabe; take the alternate path from the sign pointing to Hiroth, leading up a narrow ledge and past high-level Skeletons. This, however, bypasses the serene and beautiful Hiroth Ravine.
  • From Hiroth, one can simply reverse the above directions; disobeying the Quillrabe-pointing sign in order to follow the narrow ledge to the Mesa. Or, if the displacer has already been calibrated, it can be used. The Hiroth Mausoleum is a difficult, but rewarding, alternate path that empties straight into the foothills.
  • From Grescal, one must travel northwest to the massive cliff wall. The foothills of the Mesa Desert will be found near the river, and the access to the mesas shortly beyond.

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