The Mein of the Utraean Guard is a high-level, multiplayer-only item set in Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna. It consists of 5 items, all requiring above 50 strength to use. The set is intended for strong characters who employ both melee and ranged combat styles. The katana's petrification enchantment is useful for controlling the battlefield. The shield, when equipped with the rest of the set, boasts one of the highest shield defenses in the game. The armor is very protective and it boasts a powerful defensive spell.

Utraean Guard's Sword Utraean Guard's Boots Utraean Guard's Shield Utraean Guard's Bow Utraean Guard's Armor
Base stats:Damage: 280-300

Requires: Strength 51

Base stats:Defense: 31

Requires: Strength 52

Base stats:Defense: 52

Requires: Strength 53

Base stats:Range: 10

Damage: 175-225 Requires: Strength 54, Dexterity 28

Base stats:Defense: 434

Requires: Strength 55

1 item:5% Chance to Petrify 1 item:Adds 1 to Dexterity 1 item:

Adds 10 to Life Adds 5 to Armor

1 item:Adds 1 to Melee Skill 1 item:Adds 1 to Strength

6% Chance to Cast Nova Strike on Taking Damage

2 items:6% Chance to Petrify 2 items:Adds 2 to Dexterity 2 items:Adds 20 to Life

Adds 10 to Armor

2 items:Adds 1 to Melee Skill 2 items:Adds 2 to Strength

9% Chance to Cast Nova Strike on Taking Damage

3 items:7% Chance to Petrify 3 items:Adds 3 to Dexterity 3 items:Adds 30 to Life

Adds 20 to Armor

3 items:Adds 3 to Melee Skill 3 items:Adds 3 to Strength

12% Chance to Cast Nova Strike on Taking Damage

4 items:8% Chance to Petrify 4 items:Adds 4 to Dexterity 4 items:Adds 40 to Life

Adds 40 to Armor

4 items:Adds 4 to Melee Skill 4 items:Adds 4 to Strength

15% Chance to Cast Nova Strike on Taking Damage

5 items:10% Chance to Petrify 5 items:Adds 5 to Dexterity 5 items:Adds 50 to Life

Adds 80 to Armor

5 items:Adds 5 to Melee Skill 5 items:Adds 5 to Strength

18% Chance to Cast Nova Strike on Taking Damage

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