The Mine Elevators are analogous landmarks found in Ehb and the Peninsula.

Description Edit

When the kingdoms' economies were functioning properly, the dwarven mines of the Glitterdelve and Crystwind extracted ore from the ground and sent it directly to their clients, the towns of Glacern and Fallraen.

The Mine Elevators were an insight into this relationship: huge structures designed to lift heavy material out of the ground in the direction of the client town.

Adventurers battling their way through the overrun routes between the towns found the elevators in good working order, though all-but-abandoned. The hoisting house, on the hill above the shaft, was boarded-up and all shipping had ceased. However, their usefulness remained; instead as shelter from the biting cold. A Legionnaire was stationed at the Crystwind Old Mines elevator, while a merchant set up shop at the same one's mechanism housing.

Gallery Edit

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