A MineWorm

The MineWorm is a creature faced exclusively in the Glitterdelve Mine and the Crystwind mines

General Edit

The MineWorm is an enormous subterranean creature aptly named for it's most unwelcome appearances in the mines of the world. Surging through solid earth and stones the Mineworm can burst through the earth from any angle (it is assumed though it only comes through the floor in-game) and attack unfortunate miners causing major disruption to mining works. It is unclear exactly how long a Mineworm is but judging by the way it can lunge at you it must be fairly well counter balanced beneath the earth, so considering that about 12 feet of worm (including the head) are visible when it erupts from the earth it would not be unbeliveable to suggest that there could be up to 20 more feet of worm beneath the earth. 

The Worm has a large mouth comprised of what looks like a series of sharp teeth in a slit like mouth. The mouth is covered by 4 fleshy parts which can cover the mouth of the worm, these are also covered in what look like teeth which might be used for tunelling. The worm also sports 4 long, thin, almost bone like appendages which sprout from the base of it's neck, it is unknown exactly what these protrusions are for but it could be suggested that these arms are what pulls the MineWorm along the tunnels it creates. These tunnels however appear to be a very tight fit around the worm so it seems unlikely that that is the case. They are also used when you are in range of the worms melee attack. 

Combat & TacticsEdit

The Mineworm is a fairly easy enemy to overcome despite it's enormous size. 

It bursts forth from the ground and will often start by shooting small spikes at you, presumably generated somewhere within the worm which come in a small volley, they travel very quickly so it is unlikely that you will be able to dodge them efficiently. The Worm also has a form of melee attack where it swings it's weight at you and strikes you, it also lurches forward and attacks with a series of spikes in it's mouth which is slower than it's ranged attack but packs slightly more of a punch so it seems. 

The mineworm has a fair amount of health for a creature this early on, it poses a greater threat when you are busy fighting off other enemies which allows the worm to attack without any retaliation form afar, though if you move out of it's attack range it will simply wait for you to come back into it's range meaning that if one does appear you can kite other foes away from the worms range leaving you breathing space to take the worm out at your leisure. 

When the worm is killed it collapses onto the floor and slides back down the tunnel it created. 

MineWorm attacking

A Mineworm shooting a volley at a player.

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