The Morden-Viir are the backbone in Valdis armed forces and seen in almost every military operational. The Morden-Viir are slightly bigger and stronger than a human being. The Morden-Viir are divided into three different classes of soldiers.

  • Swordsmen
  • Spearmen
  • Crossbowmen

Swordsmen Edit

The swordsman of the Morden-Viir, are equipped with skull ornate swords and shields. The swords of Morden-Viir can beat heavy, painful, festering wounds in their enemies that makes them dangerous opponents. Most morden armies are equipped with steely helmets, arm and leg splints, while the chest is protected by a leather armor. The equipment of Morden armed forces ranging from the topless recreational warriors in Greilyn up to the full-body armored elite troops in Darthrul.

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