The Mount Utrae Forest is, namely, a snowy coniferous forest flanking Mount Utrae, tallest mountain in the Utraean Peninsula. It was hard to reach; the most well-known paths being via the Glacial Caverns and the Ancient Temple. Due to a spell cast by Ice Witches, Ice Warriors and Ice Archers inhabited the area; attacking any travelers until the 10th Legion townstone expedition destroyed them all. The forest is divided in the middle by a large plug of rock, the shadowed side giving shelter to some supplies and fewer ice warriors than the sunlit side.

If one continues his/her travel through the forest, he/she will discover the entrance to the Ancient Temple and a Legion displacer to Fallraen; heavily guarded by a regiment of Ice Warriors led by a Frost Drake and a Frost Archer. From here, one can either descend into the temple via its magic elevator, or return to Fallraen with the displacer platform.

This area is similar to the Mt. Elspen Forest beyond the Ancient Temple, though smaller and with more enemies. The forest, located on the west side of Mt. Utrae, is isolated from the other navigable regions of the mountain.

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