The Mucosa is a class of enemy creature in Dungeon Siege. Stats given in the panel are for the eponymous creature seen early-on.


Mucosas are monsters whose upper half is composed of a humanoid chest, sharp spear like arms and a lower, spiderlike appendage. In Ehb, they can be found in Wesrin Cross, Castle Ehb, and the Vault of Eternity.

In the Utraean Peninsula, they can be found in Hovart's Folly, Castle Hiroth, the Castle Hiroth Mausoleum, the Ancient Utraean Ruins, and the Volcanic Caverns.
Mucosa Predator

In Aranna, Twisted Mucosas can be found in the ancient Utraean school, and normal mucosas outside.


The official origin of Mucosa is unknown. What little is known of their history is that they were fiercely bred by the Seck to be part of their army. Considering the strength of them in comparison to the average Seck, it seems likely that they would have formed either meatshields in battle or been part of special forces. Considering how they appear very much like spiders, it is quite likely that they were originally created by the Utraeans who sought to create new life in order to better their own.

After the Seck were imprisoned in the Vault of Eternity, the Mucosa were left scattered and without any caretakers of their primitive homes. However by themselves, they have managed to form coherent groups and survive quite well - though such groups can hardly be considered tribes due to their lack of notable intelligence.

Because the original Mucosa died off hundreds of years ago and the lives of the mucosa continued on, it seems unlikely that they would respond as well to their Seck masters than the controlled breeds would, this is of course excluding the Mucosa that were imprisoned in the vault of eternity.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Mucosa can easily be divided into two groups, melee and ranged Mucosa. Melee based Mucosa will engage their enemies in close combat, attacking with their spearlike arms and their mouth. Provided that they do not have any support, they don't typically pose a threat alone.

Ranged Mucosa are considerably more dangerous when fighting. Their projectile, a green slimeball like weapon, will easily damage the most defended enemy until they are close. Considering how ranged Mucosa do not have a melee attack, it is most effective to destroy them with a melee weapon.


Original Low: Found in Wesrin Cross, Hovart's Folly, and the Halls of the LostEdit

Original High: Found in Castle Ehb, Hiroth Castle, the Abandoned Ruins, and the Volcanic CavernsEdit

Twisted Mucosae: Found in stage 2 of Halls of the LostEdit

Special EnemyEdit

    • Born from Lost Queen's tail