Found in Lorun's inventory when acquired as a party member.

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Built following the Great Relocation, and fortified in the era of the War of Legions, Fortress Kroth is the only remnant of Seck architecture which still stands in the Kingdom. Used initially to repel the Droog's aggressions toward their newly arrived and unwanted neighbors, the fortress served only twice in official military capacity and was inhabited only for the twenty-three years that the Seck enjoyed freedom in Ehb.

Among the strangest features of the Fort is the underground Hall of Skulls, which was originally a mission built by human pilgrims from the east. The Seck captured and desecrated it, and used it as a storage hall, prison, and breeding farm for their spiders.

Following the banishment of the Seck, Fortress Kroth was abandoned, preserved by edict to stand always as a reminder of the Seck and their ultimate betrayal of the Kingdom of Ehb. But despite its lack of living occupants, the fortress was rumored to be very much alive even two hundred years after the last occupants were executed by Kingdom soldiers.

Human screams were said to come from its basements at all hours, a terrifying recollection of the horrors committed by the Seck during their brief takeover of Ehb. Another phantom occurrence associated with the fort are the occasional discoveries of Seck arrows driven into trees within bowshot range of Kroth's walls, despite the fact that nothing of their kind has been manufactured for centuries.