Ressa is a possible Elf companion in Dungeon Siege II: Broken World. She is a Blood Assassin, wielding powerful combat magic alongside ranged weaponry.

Personality Edit

Unlike most Elves, Ressa is not afraid to get her hands dirty; she doesn't let any sense of petty morality get in the way of her getting things done. Her speech is often immodest, littered with implications suggesting a wide array of wanton desires, something that can make others uncomfortable. Ressa enjoys the company of people like her: bold, ruthless, and willing to do what must be done.

Biography Edit

Broken World Edit

Ressa was exiled from Aman'lu for practicing blood magic, but when the Familiars returned following the Second Cataclysm, she was proud to be one of the few Elves actually doing something to oppose their ancient enemies. She gleefully destroyed the bound creatures created by the Familiar Surgeons, even those who had once been Elves, knowing full-well that they were nothing but monsters now.

Ressa required a stronger weapon however, and enlisted a band of like-minded doers, who's reputation as the slayers of Valdis preceded them, to aid her. They collected the blood of the innocent, the tears of a child, and even bound the soul of the great Elven hero, Lorethal the Crimson Hunter, within a stone, bringing them to the assassin for her dark ritual. She created a pair of powerful weapons, a bow she called 'The Corruptor's Mark', and a glaive called the 'Abyssal Avatar'. Impressed by this party, she joined them, and helped hunt down and kill the vile Surgeons once and for all.

Following the hunt alongside the Hero of the Third Age, she and the party eventually entered the Glorydeep Mine and fought the Overmage whose soul had bonded with Zaramoth. She successfully defeated the Overmage after a fierce battle.

Later Life Edit

Ressa delved into the Spiderwatches Guild and eventually became one of the most infamous assassin's in history. Every corrupt or unjust noble feared her name.

Companion Info Edit

Ressa can be found in the Western Vai'lutra Forest, near a small ruin that lies east of the road leading south from the north teleporter. In order to recruit her, one must complete her quest, Questionable Methods.

Ressa's levels when first recruited are as follows:

Difficulty Level
Mercenary 43 (39 Ranged, 31 Combat Magic)

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