The dwarf soldier Rhut, wearing heavy plate armor and a face helm

Rhut is a Dwarf soldier in the 10th Legion vanguard, and a possible companion in Dungeon Siege.

As a Companion Edit

Rhut is encountered near the entrance to the caves beneath Fortress Kroth. He can be recruited for 421,250 gold. He is specialized in melee combat when first hired.

Biography Edit

At the time of the Seck Resurgence, Rhut was stationed at Fortress Kroth in Ehb, and was able to survive Gresh's grueling siege of the stronghold. Because he was not being paid for his services, Rhut grew impatient during the long battle, as he was not willing to stick his neck out for no pay.

The arrival of the future Lady Montbarron and her war band prompted him to offer his talents to their cause instead, if they were willing to pay him a hefty sum of gold in exchange. They were, and he joined them in their quest to save the kingdom.