Tanner Rumben

Tanner Rumben

Tanner Rumben is the blacksmith of Lang, in the Utraean Peninsula. He can be found inside the large, purple tent with a sign reading, Tanner Rumben's Emporium. Standing outside is a Legionnaire Guard, and behind the tent are two brown cows, Ellie and Scudder.

Rumben is surprised to find so much business coming through Lang, and kindly asks any adventurers not to leave body parts laying around. However, he is happy to offer them freshly-made armor, made from genuine Quillrabe leather brought in by a Zombie earlier in the day; he claims that similar pieces may be cheaper to the south, but that nothing can beat the quality of his work.

With the return of the Maljin, Rumben remarks that he kind of enjoys the change of weather from green fog to red fog.

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