Scorch is an ancient dragon that is encountered in Dragon's Rathe, near the end of the Cliffs of Fire. He has 20260 hit points and is the largest dragon in the game.

History Edit

Scorch is an ancient dragon that resides in Dragon's Rathe, a series of caves in the Cliffs of Fire. The dragon was used as a method of execution, where convicts would be armed, given gold, and sent to slay the dragon. The only man who "succeeded" had killed a whelp near the entrance and fled.

In Game Edit

The player will encounter Goquua who will give then the quest: "Slay the Ancient Dragon of Rathe". The player will eventually encounter the branching path to Dragon's Rathe shortly before the caves before Castle Ehb. Scorch is encountered asleep on a branching platform in the cave. When the player approaches, Scorch awakes and will attack. Once defeated the platform breaks off and Scorch falls to his death. The quest is completed and the player is then free to loot Dragon's Rathe.

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