Shards are magically animated constructs of colored, luminescent crystal that inhabit locations such as the Crystal Caverns in Ehb and the Utraean Peninsula. They are not much of a threat, as they deal little damage and if one circles, they can avoid their homing projectiles; and can break them on a stalagmite. They pose most threat in singleplayer, where micromanagement of this kind can be tricky.

They are one of the unique, "cool" features that draw people into the caves. One would be disappointed traveling through the Sulfur Tunnels, though. Although the many present yellow crystals and subterranean river are a sight to see, there are no more than 3 shards total; all purple, near the Lang side of the cave.

Basic Shards come in 4 varieties; listed from weakest to strongest:

  • Teal (aquamarine): The Krug Scavengers of shardkind.
  • Green (emerald): The basic shard.
  • Blue (topaz): Larger-sized, these are the equivalent of lieutenants among shards.
  • Purple (amethyst): These are the largest and most powerful shards, but rare.

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