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Stonebridge prior to the Meisters was less of cultural hub it and more of akin to a Fort or or large trading outpost in the farmlands. One could also walk to Glitterdelve from Stonebri dge less than a day, in Dungeon Siege I. The old outpost of Wesrin Cross was also nearby. However it was still for the residents of the farmlands there lives begun and ended there from how residents talk. It was also hit hard by the Krug Rebellion, as shown by the wreckage. Also one of the Farmer's companions to be, Gyorn was in slightly depressed mood because his catapult "Gravemaker" was wrecked.

After the Seck Resurgence of 1144 one of Farmer's 14 companions brother took reigns of Stonebridge as mayor. This would eventually be a monarchy type system were the people of Stonebridge assumed the next Mayor would be the next Ketzler in line (which was the surname for Rusk's family). The Ketzler's presided over what would be called the Goblin Renassiance in which King Konreid in his late age signed.

Stonebridge would be one of the few cities that would accept the goblins with 'open arms', or rather only Rupert Ketzler did, and eventually rest of Stonebridge realize that goblins wealth would make them wealthy. This is what could be assumed would transform Stonebridge from a little Fort to a sprawling metropolis.


a map of stonebridge

When Jeyne Kassynder roused the people of Ehb against the 10th Legion, many citizens of Stonebridge took up arms against the 10th Legion in there Grand Chapterhouse. The people of Stonebridge were so disgusted by what they did and how Ketzlers supported the slaughter. Eventually, they rebelled and the Ketzlers would be driven out in what would be known as the Tomcat Rebellion.


Following the Tomcat Rebellion, Stonebridge would be led by a group of Meisters who stubbornly refused to partake in the civil war consuming Ehb. At this point the fate of Ehb would be dictated by what player during Dungeon Siege III did, a few things are certain. Stonebridge in time did support the Royalists and 10th Legion against Jeyne Kassynder with its automatons leading the assault on Jeyne's tower. The Dapper Old Gent, who was causing mayhem in Stonebridge would he defeated by the 10th Legion.


In Dungeon Siege III, there is a catapult in front of the Meister Hall this could be a refrence to "Gravemaker" from Dungeon Siege I.

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