Stonestream Crystal

The enormous crystal at the heart of the Stonestream

The Stonestream is a magical system installed within the Glitterdelve Mine following the Great Blast of 943. Powered using Dwarven geomancy, the Stonestream consists of fans, vents, and other devices, which are used to keep explosive vapor from concentrating in the tunnels, as well as to supply the town of Glitterdelve with fresh water by melting mountain snow.

In 1294, after the Dwarves of Glitterdelve had either abandoned their home, or died in service to King Roland and his daughter, Queen Roslyn, the Stonestream was used by the Ehb royalists and the 10th Legion to set a trap for the Azunite forces loyal to Jeyne Kassynder. Shutting down the geomancy powering the system, they allowed gases to build-up within the mine, which they ignited, burying Jeyne Kassynder's army beneath the mountain.

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