Tortured Corpse

A Tortured Corpse dragging its way hungrily towards a player.

The tortured corpse is an undead enemy encountered early in Dungeon Siege.


A tortured corpse is a wretched undead human who has most likely been reanimated in the wake of deadly torture. The creature has lost the majority of its lower body, and the only evidence it had a lower half is a trailing hipbone with a left legbone held on by what little remains of its cartilage. Due to this unfortunate fate the corpse is forced to drag itself along the cold, filthy floors to feast upon the living flesh of your party. Visible signs of decomposition and wounds can be seen marking his body and trailing bones.

Combat & TacticsEdit

The Tortured corpse has unusually high health and attack power but moves extremely slowly. Anyone that allows the creature the extensive span of time it needs to close in for melee is punished with a barrage of dangerous clawing and biting. This is a very easy foe to manage by simply standing beyond its reach and putting it out of its misery with ranged fire.

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