This is a location on the Isle of Utrae. For a similarly-named campsite in the Kingdom of Ehb, see, Traveler Camp.

Trader Camp is a small tent-town in the Fen of the Frozen. In terms of services this location offers a blacksmith, a mage, a Tragg dealer, and an archer companion.



  • Najj
  • Wym
  • Kirr
  • Blacksmith Acha
  • Healer Tass
  • Guard Cag
  • Guard Collin


History Edit

Chasing the Shadowjumper, the Hero of Arhok passed through this campsite but only discovered another item of housekeeping for the Isle of Utrae: namely, the odious presence of the nearby Mountain of the Dead and its necromancer king Cicatrix.

The Trader Camp was by no means a permanent settlement. Its Half-Giant occupants called themselves alternately the "Arammar" or the "Children of the Mountain," and were a tiny nomadic tribe which for generations had been moving goods around the Isle.

Najj Edit

Main article: A Giant Task (Quest)

The hero's half-giant companion Najj was a wayward Arammar in search of his kin, and the party had the good fortune to stumble across them here, at the border of the Fen of the Frozen.

Since being shipwrecked and falling in with Arhok's merry band, Najj was materially broke but personally enriched, and he elected to stay on with his new friends and see matters through with them before returning to the Traders.

Mheagan Edit

Mheagan, a dark-skinned human ranger, begged the Hero of Arhok's party to take her along. Raised by the Traders with her sister Jaelyn, she was bored to tears with their lot and thrilled at the prospect of a dangerous adventure.

Gameplay Edit

If one has completed the storyline quest The Scourge of Cicatrix on a multiplayer character and has activated Displacer platform, the platform can be used to conveniently farm the eponymous undead lord and his valuable iron-maiden-derived loot.

Blacksmith Acha is known to, on the Veteran world, sell Elite-caliber weapons far above the level at which players would be expected to buy when starting at the Camp, some of the weapons even being priceless and unbuyable.

Gallery Edit

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