Smith Jerena Strongblade and Trella Lauron

Trella Lauron (right) speaking to Smith Jerena Strongblade

Trella Lauron is a researcher found in Crystwind, in the Utraean Peninsula. She can be found talking to Smith Jerena Strongblade outside the Burning Ore Forge.

Trella asks adventurers to retrieve the Rune of Diamonds from the Krug lurking in the ruins outside of Crystwind, promising them information about the Crystwind Hammer Stone. The dull brutes had attacked her while she was studying the ruins, and killed her assistant and faithful mule, forcing her to flee.

When the Rune of Diamonds is returned to her, Trella rewards the adventurers with the Crystwind townstone, which she claims to have found under a pile of sacks in the mine. She sees it as a worthless rock, not believing in the rumored powers of the Utraean Circle in Hiroth.

With the return of the Maljin, Trella panics, wanting to return to Hiroth immediately, although she is unsure if there is even anything left there.