Ulora is an Azunite scribe, and possible companion in Dungeon Siege.

As a Companion

Ulora is the first free companion, and the first companion overall encountered. She is found at the end of the Crypt of the Sacred Blood, within the room that is opened after defeating the Ruby Gargoyle. She starts as generalist, and has a level in melee, ranged, and nature magic.


Before being recruited by the hero, Ulora was a traveling scribe.

During the Seck Resurgence, she was captuerd by Krug raiders near Stonebridge, and taken to the Crypt of the Sacred Blood, where she was forced to translate tomb markers for the dim-witted brutes. She was surprised to find that the Krug Shamans, who barely even comprehended fire magic, had mastered necromancy. After her captors were defeated, she accompanied her savior on a quest that would decide the fate of the entire kingdom of Ehb.

Following the defeat of the Seck Resurgence and Montbarron's rise to Lady, Ulora became her most trusted friend and advisor, as she was the first companion that Montbarron had met.

Later in life following Montbarron's passing, she would lead some of the pilgrimages taken to the Heroes' Crypt near Raven's Rill.

Trivia Edit

  • Ulora was originally planned to have more lines in the storyline. Originally she was only planned to have traveled as far as Stonebridge. Following completing the quest with Gyorn, she would have then asked if the player would have her on as a permanent companion as she would not stand for the destruction caused by the Krug invasion. For unknown reasons, this was cut from the final game and Ulora now only has the standard recruitment lines. However, her audio lines and written dialogue still exist in the game files.