Utraean High Priest Kavaren

Utraean High Priest Kavaren

Utraean High Priest Kavaren is the leading member of the Utraean Historical Society, and resides in Hiroth, in the Utraean Peninsula. He can be found standing inside the local magic shop, Utraean Society & Magicks, speaking to Azunite Priestess Challe Withus; the shop sits just up the road from the Utraean Circle itself.

Kavaren studied the ancient Utraeans and their mysterious Circle for years, and was the one who called for the unification of the eight townstones in Hiroth following the Queen's death, in order to finally reveal the secrets of the Circle and end the chaos that spread across the land. He believed that it was a twin of the Basilicus, the heart of the Utraean H.U.B. system, and was the means by which others could find the place where the Utraeans had disappeared to centuries ago.

When adventurers came, bearing six of the seven remaining townstones, he asked them to retrieve the Grescal Palm Stone, the final piece of the puzzle, and place it and the others beside the Hiroth Crown Stone, which he had already set upon the Utraean Circle. He claimed that none returned from the Endless Dunes, and that Utraean Priestess Kylira probably hadn't seen a new face in years due to the remoteness of the oasis town.

The adventurers eventually returned however, but the Utraean Circle was not the miracle that the Society had hoped it to be, but instead a prison for an ancient and evil race known as the Maljin. Horrified by what their blind ambition had unleashed, Kavaren gave the adventurers an artifact known as the Tenstone, and bid them place it within the Inner Sanctum of the Utraean Catacombs below the Circle, hoping that it would be the end of the Maljin and their threat.

When the heroes came back victorious, having wiped out the vile Maljin, Kavaren rewarded them with the Utraean Helm, as well as the eternal gratitude of all who dwelt upon the Utraean Peninsula.