Utraean Priest Lagreth

Utraean Priest Lagreth, brought back to life

Utraean Priest Lagreth is the local member of the Utraean Historical Society in Fallraen, in the Utraean Peninsula, though he is currently missing. His apprentice is Utraean Apprentice Flessan, who he considers a dimwit.

Lagreth left Fallraen two days before the call to unify the eight townstones came from Hiroth. He took the Fallraen Snowflake Stone, and was headed to the swamp town of Lang, seeking to steal the Lang Mosquito Stone and open the ancient Utraean armory that he believed lay below the Utraean Circle. He was slain by Furoks after a run-in with the creatures in a snowstorm, and was dragged off to their cave. Ironically, he ended up under an Azunite Resurrection Shrine.

Furok Cave Utraean Peninsula

Lagreth's corpse, at the heart of the Furok Cave

He was revived by adventurers seeking the townstone, and decided to return to town after a short rest in order to prevent Flessan from accidentally burning down the magicatorium.