Utraean Priest Tas and Historian Lily Prieve

Utraean Priest Tas (right) speaking with Historian Lily Prieve

Utraean Priest Tas is the local member of the Utraean Historical Society in Meren, in the Utraean Peninsula. He can be found sitting inside the Utraean Historical Society building, speaking with Historian Lily Prieve.

Tas sends adventurers to collect the Meren townstone from it's resting place in the Temple of the Stars, deep within the Cloud Forest, for the planned unification in Hiroth. He is intrigued by the night sky, and believes that the ancient Utraeans disappeared from Aranna to join the stars above; he claims that the Utraean Circle, when opened, will allow access to the "Ethereal Realms of the Utraeans".

When the Meren townstone is returned to him, he rewards the adventurers who found it with a magical spell book, and tells them to visit Utraean Priestess Janeira in Lang.

With the return of the Maljin, Tas is horrified by what they have done. He remarks that he has "seen red tides, but never red skies."