Janeira and Wise Woman Ninale Sesus

Utraean Priestess Janeira (left) speaking to Wise Woman Ninale Sesus

Utraean Priestess Janeira is the local member of the Utraean Historical Society in Lang, in the Utraean Peninsula. She can be found inside the green tent with a sign reading, Fortunes and Herbs; she is speaking with Wise Woman Ninale Sesus.

Janeria is a Lescanzi witch, but came to Lang, alongside Ninale, for unknown reasons.

When Janeira learned of Utraean Priest Lagreth's attempt to steal the Lang Mosquito Stone, she laughed, and called him a senile old fool. She is not optimistic about the unification of the eight townstones in Hiroth, however, and admits that she has seen bad omens in her visions, cloudy as they may be.

She gives the Lang townstone to adventurers seeking it, and warns them that not all is as it seems in the Utraean Peninsula.

When the sky turned red to mark the release of the Maljin from their prison, Janiera began to cackle to herself. She pointed out that the other Utraean Priests were little more than "toddlers cavorting with pretty baubles of which they do not understand the danger", and claimed to know the secrets of the ancient Utraeans, although she believed that the world was "not yet ready for them to be revealed". Janeira told the adventurers who had collected the townstones that they were now "ordained" to put an end to the madness that they had unwittingly unleashed; also ominously remarking that they would "meet again someday".