Vile Mucosa

A Vile Mucosa

The Vile Mucosa is a variant of the Mucosa found in the earlier stages of play. 


The Vile Mucosa is the ranged variant of the Mucosa type enemy. Physically smaller than the other Mucosa and with a green hue to its skin and abdomen the Vile Mucosa is none the less a potential threat. Appearing in some number at intervals throughout dungeons and caves, the vile mucosa (like its other vile kin) form cocoons of some sort around themselves and wait for anything edible to come by and awaken it. They are fairly quick and can appear from narrow cramped spaces sometimes flanking you and your party.


The Vile Mucosa as mentioned is the ranged attacking variant of Mucosa. It vomits a green sickly coloured orb at it's enemies which could be a form of stomach acid and bile to corrode armour. The rate of fire from the Vile is considerable and as they often appear in numbers they can pose a threat if left unchecked, the movement speed of the Vile Mucosa is fairly quick and they can cover ground surprisingly fast.

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