The Volcanic Caverns is a geographic region somewhere underneath the Utraean Peninsula, the multiplayer world in Dungeon Siege. The Caverns are reachable only by magical platforms from the Eastern Island and the Lost Pyramids. Difficult to find and even more difficult to pass through, the most evil and dangerous endgame content is pretty much all concentrated in here.

Aptly called "Hades" in the internal files, the Volcanic Caverns is a hellhole of free-flowing lava and deep chasms. A miasmic red-orange haze permeates the entire realm. Explorers are obliged to hold to the natural rock bridges, cliff ledges, and tunnels, even if that puts them in contact with the inhabitants.

The reasons to visit the Volcanic Caverns are their haunting beauty, of a kind nothing like anything on the world's surface, and the prospect for lots, and lots, of combat experience.


During, or perhaps after, the assembly of the Eight Stones of Utrae, the Volcanic Caverns were discovered to be a hotbed of Maljin activity, as well as a home to Drakes and various sorts of native lava beasts. Peninsula adventurers also noted the presence of ruined structures sinking into the planet with their undead guardians (such as Wraiths), likely from the same civilization that constructed the Lost Pyramids.

In spite of the powerful monsters residing in the Caverns, no secret evil overlord or quest-related treasure was found.

Deep in the Cavern bowels adventurers also stumbled upon a lone human, Loern Ignus, a geologist. This most remote of all NPCs had top-of-the-line equipment in his wagon and was willing to trade.

Getting ThereEdit

The starting locations Elddim and Grescal have the most direct access to the Eastern Island and Volcanic Caverns, although this pushes the limits of the term "direct."

From Elddim
  1. Head north into the Great Northern Forest along the east bank of the river.
  2. Follow the path & torches. Eventually they pass a domed entrance to Hovart's Folly.
  3. At the first bridge past this, go left (north) off the path without crossing.
  4. Veer up one short incline and keep north.
  5. A river bend just ahead has two bridges. Cross one onto the jutting piece of land.
  6. Go northwest up another small incline. There are Krug up there.
  7. Turn east now and get back to the river bank. Cross the first bridge. A Mucosa is probably there.
  8. The giant towers are due east from this bridge.
  9. On the Eastern Island, just follow the paths around to reach the island's own, moderately-giant tower. Its magical lift goes to the Caverns.
From Grescal
  1. Head southwest a very long way.
  2. A magical lift in the Lost Pyramid of the Dead connects with the Caverns.


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