A Wraith is an undead enemy class in Dungeon Siege.

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This article describes the eponymous creature, the lesser Wraith. Other wraiths include:

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Wraiths are disembodied skeletons that have been reanimated by the malign influence of some greater being. They lack a lower half to their body and are essentially a skull, arms, ribcage, and spine. Be that as it may, wraiths float in the air and move much faster than Skeletons, and like all undead, are single-minded, fearless attackers.

Wraiths are mid- to very-high-level foes. They are first seen in Fury dens and may be encountered in dark interior regions thereafter. The lesser Wraith is a melee fighter, and can be recognized by its studded steel cap and two-handed Field Axe.

Wraiths are usually encountered as piles of bones strewn across the ground. If something draws near, the bones quickly assemble in midair and charge it down.

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