Yellow Spider

A yellow Spider

The yellow spider is an small spider that can be encountered in Wesrin Cross and Hovarts Folly.

The arachnid is a pus yellow colour and about as big as a small crate, they are spawned from larger webs which are destructible and can sometimes be seen walking along the tops of walls and then descend down their webs to attack the player.

Combat & TacticsEdit

Yellow Spiderweb

A yellow Spiders' web, note the "lootable" cursor animation.

The Yellow spider is little more than a nuisance in comparison to its stronger siblings, the Arakun Spiders. As they have zero health to their name, they can easily be dispatched by anything and largely serve instead as a distraction for their stronger siblings.

The most efficient way to deal with them is area of effect attacks from mages such as explosive bombs or spreading fire.

The only advantage they have over the Arakun Spiders is their higher speed. Adventurers are usually caught up dealing with their masses which gives time for the Arakun to enter the fray. Unless the defender switches targets to the Arakun spiders, they may find themselves quickly overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

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